Best desktop variant for Macbook Pro 17" 2011

I have heard many good things about your distro, well done!

I have installed the gnome version and everything seems to be working including broadcom 4331 wireless card.

My question is that the specs for macbook are 17" screen, i7 second gen cpu, 16gb ddr3 ram, 500GB SSD ram and the only issue the discrete amd gpu is faulty and I have disabled it - which distro would you recommend that is fast and where I can run virtual machines?



Sorry Lol, i should be more clear I mean i want to use garuda, i mean i am using gnome variant at the moment, I think kde is a bit too much resource hungry? Which would you recommend?
I have used MATE and OPEN BOX in the past, do garuda recommend them?

The one you like most. It's personal preference.


I have run Garuda KDE on hardware with as little as 4GB of RAM. KDE is not really more resource hungry than most of the other major DE's. 16GB of RAM should be more than adequate.

Garuda is not recommended to be run in a VM. However, you can test whatever version your interested in and find what works for you. Others cannot predict what is best for your system, only testing can prove what works best for you.