Best Darn Distro Yet!

Just want to say thank you!

have tried lot’s distro’s in my recent move to Linux. I have to say this is this the best one I have used by far. Thank you Garuda team, every time I try a new one in a VIM, I just scream NOPE! Take me back home to my Garuda please.

Garuda - The People’s Distro Champion!


Yeah it is an amazing distro I agree. Definitely in my top 3!


First distro I try, glad I made the right choice.

Every other distro, you’ll hear people who tried it for a while and moved on to something else.

I haven’t seen that in the Garuda community. Only people coming back here after trying others.

Note that it’s not for everyone though. Only for decent-hardware desktops (no servers), and only for tech-savvy people (no grand-ma’s, unless you want to die before her).


i just tailscale/ssh into my grandma’s garuda install and keep it updated :slight_smile: you know they will forget & after all lets be honest they are only using a browser.


“Best Darn Distro” Won’t get an argument out of me.

You might be surprised by grandmas. For example, I bet my (great) grandma wife can out code anyone here in machine or assembler language.

Ya never know about The Secret Lives of Grannies.


Still, every now and then there’s an issue to debug. The nature of Arch.

Of course there are, as with any distribution. Still, after more than 10 years running straight Arch, along with about every distribution spun from it, I will decisively state I’ve had far fewer “issues” with it (Arch) than them (all the rest).

But of all the canned distributions “based on Arch” Garuda is what sits best with me. Endeavour a close second, since I’ve been following them since they were named Cinnarch, which begat Antergos, Endeavour’s parent. :slight_smile:


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