Benefits of Optimus Manager?

What really are the benefits of Optimus Manager? Most people are using prime-run to start GPU-intensive apps.

GPU offloading and power management with Nvidia cards are not properly supported on Linux (though there has been some great progress recently), which can make it hard to use your Optimus laptop at full performance. optimus-manager provides a workaround to this problem by allowing you to run your whole desktop session on the Nvidia GPU, while the Intel/AMD GPU only acts as a "relay" between the Nvidia GPU and your screen.

That means the GPU is running all the time; what impact does it have on battery consumption?

Also the main issue I have with Optimus Manager is that to release the GPU to use VM GPU passthrough is to kill the user session.

What are the benefits, and are the benefits worth it, and what are the alternatives?

It really depends on the age of the GPU. Bumblebee is the best/only approach for older systems (390xx), Optimus Manager works for 470xx and 495xx, and NVIDIA's own render offloading works well with 470xx and 495xx plus anything later than Pascal has reasonable power management.


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