Being dragged backwards screaming does have some advantages

Such as, growing some new neural pathways for example.

Quite some time ago, updating failed for my install. I did what has often worked in the past: nothing — aside from wait for it to magically get fixed. This time however, repeating the same (in)actions was not having a different result…

There is no need to go into detail of exactly what happened and what the solution was, as it has already been covered in multiple posts. That’s the important bit: it was already covered in multiple posts! Old, incandescent light bulbs started to faintly illuminate in some dark, infrequently used recesses.

Read, read, read some more… et voila! Behold revelation! (Insert heavenly choir sounds here) I was saved…

OK, I’ll give a hint: the answer had to do with paying attention to what the update code was doing by default. It was protecting the hive, as it should. Somebody made passing reference to needing to change a default action answer (y, N) to something else. A free two for one coupon to McDonald’s for anyone that correctly guesses the needed and effective response.

What I like most about Garuda is how it challenges me to keep learning and not just dissolve into a warm and shallow puddle of greedy expectations. Kind of exactly how windows has turned its users into helpless ignoramuses.

It doesn’t hurt just how effective Garuda is either. I continue to be most unworthy of it.

All the best to you all for the coming year.


Huh? Has someone started celebrating a little early…with shrooms?


Well hell ya, why wait till New Years eve. :clinking_glasses: :fireworks:


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