BCM4313 wl-dkms wont build on linux-tkg kernel

Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E5430 with a Broadcom BCM4313 wifi card.
On fresh installation, wifi worked flawlessly.

But after an update with : pacman -Syu
there was an error building broadcom-wl-dkms, after some trial and errors.
I managed to switch the linux-tkg kernel to linux-5.9.14-arch1-1 and my wifi card worked.

So what I want to know :slight_smile:

How to make my wifi works on linux-tkg kernel?
Do when I switched the kernel, I had lost the performances tweaks of the OS?

(And sorry for my bad english)

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Out of kernel drivers often break on the newest kernels. The usual solution is to simply use an older kernel such as the LTS until the driver has been updated to hopefully work on the newest kernels.

If that's not the solution you want, then I guess you'll need to buy an adapter that has open source (non-proprietary) in kernel drivers.


Thanks, I think it's the best solution for my crap wifi card.

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Ya, Broadcom sucks and that is one of their most problematic adapters. The driver for that one often breaks, and frankly you're pretty lucky when you get a 4313 working at all.

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