Battery icon (LXQt-kwin) to match the preview


I'm currently using LXQt-kwin. The preview of the BeautyLine battery icon does not match the icon on the panel. I would love for a live BeautyLine battery icon.

The pictured image where it says "Preview (BeautyLine)" is not the BeautyLine icon for the battery. The one you already have is.

I realize it is confusing the way they have decided to label the icon preview in Power Management Settings, but the theme isn't actually related to those preview images in any way. No matter what theme you have selected, the thumbnails next to "from theme", "circle/circle with percentage", "battery with percentage/battery with percentage opaque" are the same.

Here, see what I mean:

I changed the theme to Breeze-Dark, and as you can see the battery icon changed but the icon in the Power Management Settings is the same.

If you want to change that icon without disrupting the rest of the theme, you would need to find a new icon that you like and replace the BeautyLine battery icon. Don't forget to back up the original, in case you want to change it back some day.

sudo mv /usr/share/icons/BeautyLine/devices/scalable/battery.svg /usr/share/icons/BeautyLine/devices/scalable/battery.svg.bak
sudo mv /path/to/your/new/icon /usr/share/icons/BeautyLine/devices/scalable/battery.svg

No worries. Thanks for the info.