Basilisk web browser project has been restarted

Hi everyone,
lately I red that the Basilisk-Web-Browser-Project has been restarted.

Even at this stage Basilisk has been blocked by Discourse-Forums I managed to
use this addon: Releases · JustOff/modify-http-response · GitHub
and the filter string from this forum-page:
Discourse forums no longer allowing me to log in - Page 5 - Pale Moon forum.

Also to be mentioned this add-on, to import logins

and a fairly good ad blocker:

I am really fed up with Mozilla, giving me each day something new to
get angry about like most of the days.
I hope Basilisk project rises, to replace Mozilla, that would be something
indeed :slight_smile:

p.s. I just did write this post using Basilisk web browser : - )


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