Background lightning doesnt work

Welcome to staff, I have cheap keyboard: c-tech arcus, I found this: Arch Linux - arcus 4.10.0-1 (x86_64) is it drive or something else?

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ok, sorry. I dont care that much but if there was chance to fix it I would but ok, I will.

Hello, sorry, Idk how to help you but may I ask? How did you find that drive? My keyboard works good but background lightning doesnt work on it. It isnt that big thing but I would like to fix it.

I don't think the package you mentioned would fit your purpose (seems to me other stuff).
I haven't found anything on the internet or the repos.
Also in the forum, I think most of the backlight discussions are related to screen backlight, which is something different.
So, you could start with the Arch Wiki suggestions and see how it goes:


Ok, thanks a lot