Automatic CPU detection via paru install

So this is a strange question I assume and I'm not sure how to best word or title it, but here it goes.

Essentially, I want to use a kernel that isn't in the official repos but is in the AUR. This kernel is called linux-bore. This kernel is maintained by the same developer of linux-cacule who goes by the name of ptr1337.

This kernel, like his others, has an auto cpu optimisation script. In the past, to run this and other kernel's of his I have installed his repo and installed it that way. However, I have run into issues with his repo which led to me removing it.

So my question is, if I install his kernel via paru through the AUR as opposed to using his repo, will the auto cpu optimisation script be run and execute like with installing via the repo? I hope that makes sense. Please find attached the link to the kernel and the auto cpu optimisation script. Thanks for any advice, I'm unclear on how AUR and repos may handle things differently when it comes to kernel's and these auto cpu optimisation scripts.

Ask the developer in discord :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have but haven't heard back yet haha. So was just curious if anyone else had an idea as I'm currently playing with my system while he's busy or asleep I guess haha

Most developers have a personal life.

If you're already asking in different places, you should be fair and share it in the first post..

I'm out of here, especially since I can't contribute anything to the topic.

I'm moving the topic.


I think you should be fine with paru.
Look at the PKGBUILD
Line 171


is in the source, it will be executed locally during the build, it should be OK.
Disclaimer: I'm not a developer :smiley:


Okay perfect thank you. Wasn't really sure where or how it executes as I'm even less of a developer than you haha. Good to know this may he a viable solution though as this is my favourite kernel of his so would be good. Would have been good to add to the chaotic repo but seemed to have some problems. Curious if that will be the case in paru too though. Thanks for the info though.

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Install and run whatever kernel you want, as it is after all your machine. However, in my own personal opinion from the amount of regular help requests you make I would stick with one of the more standard kernels until you get your system sorted and running properly.

Running a non-standard kernel such as the one you are proposing is fine, but it doesn't make it any easier to offer you support for your many issues.

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