Autologin - command turn on / off

Hello Garuda Friends.

I'd like to ask for consulation only. I'm looking for command which turn on/off user autologin. I'm aware there is a such possibility in SDDM panel. However I'd like to learn how it could be achieved in terminal?
Thought that might be related with some service but wasn't able to locate any responsible for that.

Did you whoogle about?
Maybe you could rename /etc/sddm.conf.d/autologin.conf every time you don't need it, and back to correct name when you do?
Just an idea...


From here SDDM gui

"Bring up your start panel and start typing sddm, click on it, select the advance tab, and you will see the setting right there at the top."

WTH is the start panel?

Filo that's great idea! And something I was looking for. Only difference in my case is fact that file is /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf . One more time thank you :wink:

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:slight_smile: That's probably simplification for main menu (Meta key):

And ...?

Work the solution?

Just answered your doubts regarding "start panel". Topic to close.


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