Auto-cpufreq-git creates performance issues

I need help with deleting the auto-cpufreq-git since I use desktop instead of laptop
auto cpufreq makes my corectrl app useless. If I set the frequency governor to performance and apply the settings the performance still remains constatnly changing from 800 Hz to 3600 (while gaming ) which experienced as stutter.

Okay why don't I just remove it ? And here comes the problem "everything is connected with everything.
While I Try to remove cpufreq git, it wont let me because it is connected to performance-tweak, If I want to remove performance-tweak it requires me to remove garuda-common-settings and then breaks the the garuda common settings.

This could be such a wonderful distro especially since it offers wayfire environment ! But the garuda packages are so messing up everything..... Pls change this in the future ok?

Now how to resolve my problem. I need assistance ! Thank you

Are you reporting a packaging issue, or wanting help with inconsistent CPU frequency?

If both, it would be better to split this into two threads so the issues can be addressed separately.


How do I remove auto-cpufreq-git completely? Because everythime I remove it. The next time garuda updates its packages, it always get installed again and agian.

We will drop it from being a dependancie probably
So it will be possible for it to be removed