Authorization supplicant failed and I cannot open NetworkManager.conf file

Hello, I'm new to Garuda linux. I'm facing a common problem connecting to wifi. It says Authorization supplicant failed. I've been looking for a solution for about 2h30. I tried disabling wifi and reactivating it, forgetting the network and reconnecting, disabling network power saving ...
There is one more thing that I didn't and couldn't do, that is adding a line into the NetworkManager.conf file. When I managed to do that, I couldn't even open that file. It says sudoedit command is not found. (Even after setting vim as default terminal)
So what shall I do

Hi there, welcome.

You could start providing your garuda-inxi, as requested in the template :wink:
Also from a live USB, if nothing else works to have connectivity.


Been almost a week since this output was request.

Non compliance with moderator's requests tends to get your posts binned rather quickly. :clock12: :bomb:

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