Audio stop working when using ALSA in Lutris

I was wondering if anyone could help me with that.

I use ALSA on osu! because Pulse with Pipewire does not really work well to me. ALSA is perfect latency in the game, but when I have the game open, the audio in it works fines, but the rest of the system has no audio playback at all, not until I close osu!, then the audio starts working again.

Any idea what's happening? Thans in advance. :slight_smile:

i didn't use games but there is a ALSA config in Pulse also
maybe it helps

and i think but i don't know exactly there is a config to play more than one audio scource but i don't know to set

maybe someone other can help you


maybe you can window your game and show to pulse-audio volumecontroller or your pendant alsa controller and look what sources are activ

sorry for my bad english

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