Audio Cuts out for 1 second then starts again when playing something new

Whenever I play an audio file on VLC it starts playing regularly, then has no audio for 0.5-1 seconds then continues normally. Not been able to find anything about it on the forums.

Ryzen 4600U
Kernel: 5.12.9-zen1-1-zen

Update your system, then check again.


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Yes, because you are first with such issue. (I use vlc regularly, never had any problem)

  1. Check audio file. It might be an issue with particular audio file. It might be corrupt in middle.
  2. Post output of
inxi -Faz
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What type of audio file are you trying to play. Have you tested other file formats such as FLAC, ogg, etc.

Have you tested alternate audio/video players? I would suggest testing smplayer, as well as one or two players dedicated to strictly playing audio.

You need to perform some basic troubleshooting to narrow down where the problem exists.

Troubleshooting entails eliminating different variables. When you have done some troubleshooting such as I've mentioned report back with your results.


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