Assistence with installation error

Hello Garuda users.


Ima trying to install garuda in a dual boot configuration with atlas os.

It is giving me a single error everytime,i have redownloaded the distro,used admin powers, turned off safe boot, fast boot.

I have done the prooper partitions for the system to work however i can't seem to figure out what the problem is.

The error is written below:

Failed to unpack image "/run/miso/bootmnt/garuda/x86_64/rootfs.sfs" Details:
rsync failed with error code 13.

Welcome :slight_smile:

I think you mean Desktop Enviroment, but which one, please post the full name.

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I see this happened in the past


Garuda dragonized

That's not the full ISO name :slight_smile: , example names are


Follow meanruse link.


This is not my case i tested the possibilities

Please, post from live ISO garuda-inxi.
At least start calamares from terminal with

sudo -E calamares -D8

and post the log.

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