Arkansawdave74 wish list :-)

I've been searching for neon red and black wallpapers. I'm currently using this one I screenshotted from my Kanada bootanimation, but it's missing a Garuda G, so I'm still looking. I lack art skills so I have spent very little time in gimp. I do like our red cubes wallpaper, but it's too much red around the edges and interferes with the neon icons in the dock; makes them hard to see. This is not my art.


Sorry, I must move it :slight_smile:

Which one exactly?

Maybe @TilliDie can make a red version :smiley:


I was using the CUBE-RED-sgs for a long time. It's maybe a little busy for my taste though, and it does interfere with seeing the icons in my dock.

I love the style of the one I shared , but I'd really like a Garuda G somewhere. for my Youtube videos. I like my wallpaper to show my distro. Once I find one I will probably never change it. I used this wallpaper for 6 years straight in my last distro. I won't share it here out of respect, but I'll put an imgur link to it.

It's simple, not busy, has fading red mist , mostly black, and only neon red color. Too bad it has a distro name already because it would have gone with the Dragonized theme. I do love the simple tribal dragon outlines. I also like the black at the edges for being able to see the stuff I put there or docks and panels, etc.

I do love @TilliDie 's work. I just gave one of his heart eyes earlier. Was a badass looking red G on one of your backgrounds tilted. I wish I could do that. If you have the time @TilliDie . or feel the inspiration, any chance you could help me out? No hurry, and I'll link you to Youtube videos with your work in them if you like, with one Thank You video just to show off my new wallpaper, and I'll name you and put whatever links you like in the description. What do you think? I wish I could say I had more followers, but some of my videos have had a whole lot of views...even thousands.


How to get that bar like thing in my latte dock..... :grinning:

I see nothing, my browser and pi-hole settings blocked them.
Do you mean the razer logo wallpaper?

I think you can do it better than me with GIMP in 5 minutes.


Check this out:


Wow. That's an actual wallpaper? I got mine by trying a screenshot while booting with the Kanada KDE splash screen. Kanada is one of the themes available when you hit "Get more global themes" in KDE's Appearance settings. I was very surprised a screenshot worked before boot completed, but it did. I like mine better because it has the red "Plasma made by KDE" In the lower right.

No I was talking about the wallpaper I used for 6 years in my last distro. Here it is...I'll take it down later if you want.


Then just put the text and the logo in the good resolution.

You just have to decide what you want.

Thank you, @SGS. I had posted before you added the one with the red G. That's GREAT!! Since it's that quick and easy for you, Would you mind making one out of mine, with the G and the kde by plasma both? Please?

Would take more work, But I'd love if it said,

Plasma by KDE (symbol)
Dragonized by Garuda (G Symbol)


Dude!! That's Perfect!! Thank you so damned much @SGS !! Even better than my imagination.


Nice hacker theme. Really looks cool, especially for some screenshots to flex.

You can also show them at r/UnixPorn or other Linux communities. r/UnixPorn is just the most famous one.


Thanks. I'm just hoping the good looks will cover up my piss poor mic on this old thinkpad.

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i didnt wanna be the one to say it haha but it was a good vid and you got my follow


They're system monitor sensors widgets. Right click desktop -> add widgets -. drag system monitor sensors to centre of dock then configure what you want for your system.


Oh, sorry about that, @Ankur . I thought you were replying to someone else. Yeah, what @anon26187667 said. You have to play with them a bit and figure them out if you want to customize them. I could make you a youtube video lol.

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ok, I have did it.

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