Are these orphans really orphans?

╰─λ paru -Qdtq

Are all these packages required by Garuda? Should I mark as explicitly installed or remove (all or only some of them)? Just 4 apps doesn't matter for me now, but I'm asking this because I don't want to break the functionality of Garuda while cleaning orphans anytime. If these are necessary apps (required by Garuda itself) I'll mark them now itself as explicitly installed (if needed).


You can remove meld , I guess. I don't think it is safe to remove others.

But they are so light, may be all of them sum to <50MB . So, certainly, it isn't worth to remove them.


Its usually safe to remove orphans as these are packages which arent required by any other package. The first two for example were dropped from fish-config, making it safe to remove them. The same is most likely true for the other ones.


As I mentioned above, sized isn't bothering me. I was performing paru -c to clear unneeded dependencies, but as I saw fish-systemd-git it could break fish.

Anyway, as @dr460nf1r3 said it's safe to remove them I'll leave it as it is.


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