Arch Linux LTO port: Here too?

I stumbled across these two Phoronix articles the other day:

That second article in particular is interesting, since it mentions Arch devs creating a separate port of Arch with optimizations enabled that benefit newer CPUs. If that were to come to fruition, what course would the Garuda devs likely take? Would they support the original Arch, both the original Arch AND the V3 port, or just migrate to the V3 version entirely?

I understand that the answer to this sort of thing would depend greatly on the hardware used by Garuda's current userbase + how smoothly it lands upstream in Arch, but given that Garuda is performance-oriented to start with, I'm curious.

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I can’t speak for the devs, but given the focus on performance this is the most likely option.

There might be a more “general” spin (or a barebones edition), but that’s not really what Garuda is about.


As you mention what garuda is about and i'm new to garuda, i have a question:

Is the upstream arch or manjaro or totally self compiled?

Totally self compiled and may contain traces of Arch and Manjaro. :smiley:

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Arch is the upstream distro. There are also packages taken from the AUR and Garuda GitLab instance and available precompiled via ChaoticAUR.

Some Manjaro tooling has been adapted by Garuda to work with Arch, but otherwise Garuda isn’t related to Manjaro.