(Appreciation) Garuda's single best tweak

Occurrences of the word “error” and the relevant line of code where the error occurred are colored red in terminal outputs of a failed attempt at compiling a program from source.

Where has this been my whole Linux life?? Whatever little addon-package or shell config does this seriously makes troubleshooting SO much easier…
Yes, I realize I could have configured this myself a variety of ways in all the other distros I’ve used in the past; but the fact is, I never knew I needed it until now. And this is just one of countless other little things in Garuda (KDE Dragonized, especially) that are set up out-of-the-box in a way that just makes sense. So many things are configured or tweaked or laid out in a way that seems natural & intuitive to me, or in the way I have always set them up myself in the past. It makes using Linux so much more accessible and pleasant.

I know there are probably a lot of people who feel very strongly the other way – that the changes the Garuda team has made to stock Arch/Manjaro are counterintuitive – but I for one have had a very positive experience with just about everything, and I just wanted to say something to express my appreciation for all the little details and the attention to detail.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
Garuda devs, you rock. <3


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