Apply option is gray while changing splash screen

Hi all. I need help about to figure out why Apply option is gray while i wanted to change another splash screen.Apply option always gray while i wanted to change any installed splash screen. i also tried store for other splash screen nothing fixed. I attached a screenshot for your understanding,

Thank for attention.

You have selected a new splash screen, right?

yeah i selected a download arch splash screen

Clean up plasma settings (check Archwiki for methods).
Are you using Wayland?
Have you logged in this account with another DE than kde?


Worth bookmarking this page: KDE - ArchWiki


What is wayland. I don't know. I am going for clean up plasma settings. By the way i don't have any desktop environment rather than KDE.

I am using Garuda Drogonized Edition

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I am having the same issue on pretty much a fresh install of Dragonized ed KDE, X11. You can highlight the other splash screens, but the 'Apply' button is greyed out. Strange, it only happens in the splash screen section.

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how to change the splash screen

see this video

Most likely I'm just confused, but do you mean to change the splash screen shown during boot?
If so, this should be done setting a new plymouth theme, e g. plymouth-theme-dr460nized, or changing plymouth in general:


I found a solution in the Manjaro forum: backup / remove the ksplashrc file
mv ~/.config/ksplashrc ~/.config/ksplashrc.bak
And try again with the splash screen change.
I discovered to have the same issue and this solved it for me...


Thanks. I am going to bookmark your solution. It finally worked itself out, but not exactly sure how. I think it has something to do with Garuda's default dragonized Plymouth theme. As soon as I started to de-dragonize the theming, the Apply button was active again. :man_shrugging:

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I have this exact issue. On me, ksplashrc contains Engine and Theme variable both set to the none under KSplash section. Changing Theme section to Sweet (This variable can be changed to any desired theme if desired theme is available on the Splash Screen section.) also fixes this issue.


Seems like this should be changed in default settings :eyes: