Any plans for the Pantheon desktop?

That was a reasonable sweet and simple answer and was well accepted the very first day. I did not make any attempt to push otherwise. I learned a few things from comments of many learned people here. Thanks!

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I have no idea what you are talking about at this point. Here is the series events that led to this comment.

You stated:

My response was:

Your response to that was to post a video which listed 4 points about EOS all of which were related to Pantheon or the Elementary suite of applications. When I responded to that, you started talking about global warming and cryptocurrency.

In all of that, you still haven't addressed the original question.

I mean, it doesn't matter that much. My original point was simply that the EOS devs investing in a distro-agnostic pantheon is not in their best interests.


Of course those were RELATED TO the DE and apps (or more accurately, the elementary OS ecosystem), but not just the DE and apps. There are take away messages and components that broader Linux and OSS community can benefit from. A lot of developers build apps for macOS, not because its user base is big, but because Apple [note, I do not like or promote Apple's philosophy] provides easy to follow docs, a coherent ecosystem of developer tools, a marketplace for monetization of apps for developers, a stable and polished user experience (even if lagging behind the pace of innovation and experimentation like rolling-release Linux distros). If a company is trying to bring that kind of polish and ecosystem while following ethos of OSS community, I see it as a very big contribution (experimented on elementary OS, but the big picture is not limited to it).

Sorry for using a sarcastic tone there, but I thought the conversation was becoming heavy, so I wanted to make it light. I felt that you were dismissing points made in the video by saying, meh, there is nothing new, all these points are RELATED TO Pantheon and its apps, which you have already trivialized as REMOTELY interesting, if at all. When it comes to "related to", we can relate any two distinct things or ideas with little effort. :slight_smile:

May be you are right, but what I have observed from their words and acts over time, it seems like they do have it as one of their goals and are working towards it. Moreover, they seem to encourage community contributions as well. Why are they doing something that is not in their best interest (as assessed by you) is something I cannot answer. May be they are not working towards their best interest or their best interest is aligned differently that what you have assessed, who knows! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, my original comment wasn't a carefully designed comment with some deep meaning. I was just sharing my opinion in the flow of the conversation.

I feel like you are reading my comment much differently than I intended it.

My comment could be rephrased that without Pantheon and the EOS-specific applications, EOS would no longer be interesting. I wasn't trying to demean or insult the distro, it was the opposite. I was trying to point out that those are the pieces of the distro which have value. Every distro becomes uninteresting if you take away all the things that make it special.

My real point was that as a for-profit endeavor(again, not in a bad way), investing effort in giving away their entire value proposition to other distros makes very little sense.


Sure, but no matter how commendable that is, it won't make their packages work any better in fast rolling distros if their focus is developing only for current LTS and working eventually towards the next Ubuntu LTS release. That is after all the base for elementary OS.

In the interim period, those applications of theirs will likely start to not work well if at all, in fast rolling distros.

Ball's in their (eos devs) court and you should be bringing it up to them, not arch based distros.

This whole thread will not get you what you hope, as it's the wrong place to request it.

OK that's my last post on this thread.


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