Any Garuda Cloud Update?

I am looking forward to eventually ungooglefying myself, and cloud storage is pretty much the only thing I'm missing. Would really love to try Nextcloud's service. Any chance of the instance opening up to more users in the near future?

To try Nextcloud, you can sign up to any of service offered in, without waiting for Garuda Cloud to be available again for.

Also, the space I have in Garuda Cloud is 250 MB, which is pretty much a good start to ungoogling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its absolutely planned but first we need more storage space / processing power (also planned) :slight_smile:

The hint @SameExpert gave is a good one though, they are all running Nextcloud underneath :smiley: I'm using the Cloud myself as calendar, contact book, notebook & for bookmark syncing, its really a good "all-in-one" Google replacement for my personal needs :slight_smile:


Thanks! For some reason I wasn't able to show a list of the actual servers until now. Was able to sign up to one close to me with 3GB!

Of course, it's not a trivial thing to do, and it's important not to rush things in growing. Thank you for replying!


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