Another one with first impressions

Hi, I don't want to sound too negative, got Garuda on my ASRock for about 2-3 days and am already thinking of abandoning the ship.
I'll explain. Install from DVD was a cinch and I like the desktops look and feel. It got a little rocky when I actually started using it, to do more than just look at it. I am using Libre Office quite frequently and just can't live without it. Well, it crashes the system several times to a point where I had to use the hardware reset button. Hmmmm!
One member of the team was kind enough to direct me to start Office in safe mode and disable hardware acceleration. I am able to start Office in safe mode, went and disabled hardware acc. However, hardware acc. is there for a reason, to do just that. Aside, even with Hardware Acc. disabled, it will not start and continues to crash the system. So this is the all so well known shot into your own foot.
Just a few minutes ago, before I got onto the forum, my screen decided to stay blank. No signal it said. I guess Gadura thinks I am a magician and can read directly off my HDMI. A couple of reboots seemed to have fixed the blank screen, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Next bothersome thing is the artificial intelligence or is it that I have to confirm almost every character typed?. I set something to where I want it, next time around, its right back where before. It seems Gadura has a hard time to keep their fingers off my settings. The default Firefox theme, seems also to think that I am somehow a psychic and know what is on that almost black screen, which I absolutely can not read. Only the unimportant stuff is readable. I got this fixed after some time, trial and error. I thought when I installed that Gadura was out of BETA, not in my case. I understand that it is a very complex task to make things work on each and every piece of hardware (dream on), mine seems to be a sand corn in Gadura's eye.
Another issue I ran into, is the network interface handling. Everything booted, so I thought and load firefox. Duh, it said "Hey you're offline Bro". Not just once! Whaaaat? It was fine when I shutdown last time. Turns out that some gremlin found it's way to the nic and didn't connect. Wonder if I went sleepwalking and changed settings? Also, I am on a wired 1GB/s LAN, as it appears Gadura does offer only 100MB/s.
There are quite a few things minor and major, that bug the living out of me. I will stay aboard for a few more days, but if the described become more prevalent, I'll grab the lifesaver and float away, since all the good looks don't do me any good.
It looks promising though , but I think it is not ready for the harsh world! Interestingly, windows scroll where I wouldn't expect them to. Focus is somewhere else, at least for the mouse.
Keep up the good work, perhaps it will be ready soon.
Thanks for letting me give it a try.

If I had a nickle for every time someone said that...

But on a serious note I understand your problems however the distro is just a year old and a rolling release system, so there gonna be bugs.

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Yep, that it is.
Well, one needs to be patient with new(er) release OS's.
I wish I would have installed it onto a not really important computer, my bad, hi, hi.

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You answered your own question.
There is no bug-free software in existence. Bugs exist, as long there are different people, thank God. Imagine all people were identical like... robots!

When you have some potential bug, the normal reaction would be to ask your provider (Garuda?) for support.
Garuda likes to provide a usable system to everyone.
This is not possible without feedback about issues not imagined when creating convenience features.
It's the users' choice whether they will contribute in fixing bugs, or just sit back and wait, or abort with complains.

The certain message from your feedback is that you have a gift in writing! :+1:
Keep on writing!!


It sounds to me that for whatever reason your system doesn't like Garuda. Whether that is the kernel, graphics drivers, software versions, etc., is difficult to say.

It's also difficult to diagnose a massive number of issues all in one go - generally, a system with a large number of issues indicates there is a more substantial underlying issue than something that can be quickly fixed with a "magic bullet".

Garuda is not a "one-size fits all" distribution, so if another one works better on your specific hardware, or the included software better meets your needs, then that's fine. "That's Linux."


Thanks for taking the time to cover all the issues you were incapable of fixing. As this is not a help request (and even if it was there's too many issues for a single thread) we'd be best to simply close this thread out.

Thanks for trying Garuda, better luck troubleshooting your next distro. :wave: