Another Dragon joining the Flock

Posting an hour after formating my Win10 copy with BTRFS and Garuda.

I'm very impressed so far....I haven't used Linux in like 10 years (former professional).

I had to fix some nasty sound issues with intel power saving, but I was able to fix this quickly. I had to install nano and also learned how to use pacman in the process.

Mouse behaviour feels great....don't know what witchcraft was used here, but feels just better.
Videos look great! Just testwatched something on Youtube and it just looks better....don't ask me specific...the same video didn't look as good in Win10/Firefox two hours ago.

What's up with the post-installation wizard? I clicked on the Apps I want, but didn't see any package installations. Probably noob-alert and error on my side, but that didn't work for me at all. I was able to install some of them by hand.

As I'm enjoying my newly found freedom and exploring a modern Linux distro I already call home,

just want to thank the staff for their work and say hello to everyone else :slight_smile:


Welcome to Garuda.

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Lets be birds :wink:

flap, as long as they have wings and lay eggs, I'm fine with it....Tux is special though, he can't fly.

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May I ask what the Intel error/problem was? I use Intel so I worry I have an issue similar I may have not found out. Unless it's something obvious of course

Nice choice of topics to ask stuff

This reminds me of the hypochoniac who is asked by a friend "Did you hear about the new disease that's going around, it has absolutely zero signs or symptoms, but is extremely dangerous? ".

Hypochondriac responds with:

"I knew I'd caught something nasty, that's exactly what I've got"

:wink: :smiley:


Seems to be a problem with my chipset or bios powersaving features. When sound is idle for 5sec, I get a popping crackle sound every second. Drives you nuts after 2 minutes.

/sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save has to be set to 0

fixed it for me (problem seems common). But I probably have to dig into some other configs to so it doesn't reset after reboot.

Also had problems with NVidia drivers....steam was bitching around. had to reinstall lib32-nvidia-utils. steam working now, downloading some games atm to test.

edit: Got games running! Running right out of the box (gamer edition iso) after I fixed those Nvidia driver issues. And they load and run faster compared to Win10! I'm so in love.

To OP and others:

To keep Intel sound chipsets from going into powersaving mode and producing unwanted pops,cracks, etc. when it exits do the following:

  1. Using a text editor such as nano, kate,. etc., create a text file named: snd_hda_intel.conf
  2. Insert the line: options snd_hda_intel power_save=0
  3. Save it in /etc/modules.d directory.
  4. Reboot

As always, YMMV.

Regards and welcome to Garuda Linux.


Welcome to Garuda ! Relax…… sit a spell and enjoy


There is no such directory. creating one with mkdir won't do and still produces sounds after reboot. Did you mean /etc/modules-load.d ?

And I managed to get VMs running after some trouble...turned out to be a lazy, inactive libvirt daemon of all things. Why isn't he working by default? :disappointed_relieved:

Dammit, it is /etc/modprobe.d

Sorry 'bout that. I typed it from rote and should know better. My brain cells are eroding quicker than an earthen gully in a flash flood. That's my story, anyway.


works! Thank you, c00ter!

I recommend beer to counter these effects!


Red wine. A little is supposed to be good for a body. My buddy @fbodymechanic believes in Tuh-kill-ya, and that's OK, too.

Me? Cannabis has helped undo some of the damage hard liquor,hard drugs, and hard living my lifestyle choices caused in my younger years, when I had a tendency to always fly balls to the walls. It also treats my diabetic peripheral neuropathy, degenerative disc disease and the attendant sciatica pain, which can get pretty effing INtense, I wanna tell ya. :wink:

Not to mention it is a definite attitude adjuster.

Fortunately, I live in a country and state where I can either make purchases at a retail store, a dispensary, or grow my medicine. I would have never dreamed, when I was a kid and lived just to get High that, one day, it would turn into the best medicine of my life.


It's delicious and it's the fountain of middle age. It keeps me not old.


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