Android to Linux Video Casting

Hey Guys,

I am sort of new to Linux and not familiar with all the awesome apps. This community has helped me find some really cool apps like Obsidian and Super Productivity, so I figured why not ask you guys for help!

I am looking for a stable/reliable app that can help me cast (not mirror) videos on my Android phone to my Garuda desktop... It would be great if the video fills my desktop screen resolution and doesn't show in phone resolution.

Just wanted to see if you guys have any app suggestions in mind...

P.S: I use Gnome. Open to using any working extension that supports Gnome 40. And yes, looking for a wireless solution.

Do you guys have anything in mind that might be useful?


android cast to linux - Garuda searX ?


Yeah, I looked at these solutions before..

They basically mirror (I may be technically wrong) the phone. By this, I mean that the content of the phone is present on my Linux like a phone - even when playing videos..

I was wondering if there's an app that will take the full resolution of the monitor display..

Essentially, you're asking us to search the web for you. :man_shrugging:

Also worth checking:


Have you tred using teamveiwer?


No no.. it's no biggie.. I was just interested to know if any of you use this kind of apps.. that's all!

I though maybe someone could be using an app like this, and then they could just pop off a name..

for example, when I searched the entire internet for "best note taking app" or "Pomodoro" app, no website mentioned the app - Super Productivity.. But someone in the community did! So that intrigued me to learn what apps you guys use... so that I can find something handy or useful..

that's all :slight_smile:

No need to search the web or stress about it!!!

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Nice idea... a hacky way to do it but usable..


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You could use something like DLNA server on Android and connect to that from Linux.