Has anyone managed to get this one installing? It seems to cover what lineageos-devel did but is more recent. However it seems neither installs now. I haven’t played around with android rom development since early 2023 but I don’t remember the lineage one to be any more cumbersome to install.

I’m not a developer so cannot help much here, but I think you should provide more details for someone to help, like how you tried installing, the error messages you got, etc.
And garuda-inxi, as usual.


If you don’t need it to be managed by the package manager you could install from source to your opt directory or wherever else you may want it installed to.

I do this sometimes, for example, I installed the latest python3 to my opt to keep it separated from the system python.

When installing from source for a typical ./configure, make, make install you can use the --prefix=/DirectoryIWantItInstalledIn

When installing from source there is usually a README file that will give you the options and details for configuring your install.

Hope that helps.

Also, are you trying to install Android Studio?

They do provide a linux download. You have to click to download it, and scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions, and it will let you download android-studio-2023.1.1.27-linux.tar.gz

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