AMD Ray Tracing

Is AMD Ray tracing ever going to be viable on Linux? It seems pretty awful right now but I saw a post last year or maybe at the start of 2023 that they were making huge improvements on RADV and that Ray Tracing for AMD Mesa drivers was going to be getting close to on-par windows level soon. I havent seen any chance in RT performance on my 6700XT since last year.

Yes of course!

No idea when though. But some time, sure. Gaming on Linux is still heavily driven by Valve/Steam, and the hardware of the SteamDeck does not cover Raytracing, so they do not develop it either. So it could take a while.

I don't think for AMD Gaming on Linux apart from systems like SteamOS/SteamDeck is high priority. We still make such a small percentage of Gamers on PCs, there's just no money in it. So... yeah. Could take a while, as always.


Install mesa-git drivers and test out yourself.

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