Alternative for cpufreq

I have recently switched from Ubuntu to Garuda and I am finding my CPU is running at full potential even when not required that leads to running down of my battery very fast. In Ubuntu I had an extension called cpufreq (very popular for Linux), I tried installing it here but its not coming to the top panel and moreover it is not been shown anywhere. Is there any alternative for this cpufreq?
I need something that can control my CPU speed and frequency with different modes or even just by changing the frequency.

Try to give a look at this thread.
Hopefully you'll find useful information.


use corectrl i use it in gobally ondemand
i have a laptop and no probs but you can make many profiles for any usage.

yes any will suggest the autofreq of intelpstate in my case it didn't work fine so i changed but everybody must choose and find out what is best for him/her

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