Alacritty removal

hello all. I have installed the distro the first time, then time came to tweak it to my liking. I wanted to give Alacritty a go but it don't support tabs so it has to go. for years now I have been using Yakkuake. Installed and happy again. when it comes to removing Alacritty, it is a no-no . pacman wants to remove half of the system with it. With all due respect, are you Microsoft or Apple to push/promote programs you like and don't let users to remove them easily? wtf?!! do I have to force remove it so it leaves the dependence? shame on you

Yes we do it forcefully
As for why its a depend
Its a depend because those apps use it.

And only garuda apps has it as depend
You can remove them as without alacritty they wont work as intended.

If this is not enough
Shame on you


Mentioning this and then going on a verbal rampage. Made my day :joy:


Have you looked at the number of DE's/WM's Garuda supports?

How do you think we would accomplish setting up all these different types of systems if there wasn't a common terminal program to use on every system.

Unless you want to reconfigure every Garuda ISO for every terminal program under the sun that all those disparate users might prefer I might kindly suggest that you tone down your rhetoric.

A terminal emulator is a tiny program. Live with it or install Arch yourself and have it all your way. When you use a preconfigured distro you get what they're serving on your plate. Like it or lump it, you get what you get (or build your own from scratch).