Afterboot Installation problem

After starting the installation of Garuda Linux I got only a infinity loading bar and an inscription of the source code I guess :

"setfont: KDFONTOP: Function not implemented
mount: /new_root: can't find UUID=...
sh: can't acces tty: job control turned off
[rootfs ]#"

Can someone help me with this please?

Please login from the live USB.
If it works, provide the output of inxi -Faz as text, formatted with ~~~ before and after the text block.


So, unfortunately I haven't acces now to my USB stick :sweat_smile:, can you propose some solutions if that one doesn't work?))

Check in your BIOS if your SATA controller/mode is set to AHCI or what. If it is VMD or Intel-VMD, try to disable that or change that setting.


Okay, It opened but It started an update and I have the fear that it will not work correctly after that, so please filo, stay here, that's the second time that you help me no matter of my stupid questions.. :pleading_face:

We will work it out somehow.
It doesn't bite (hopefully!) :blush:

You helped me THE SECOND TIME in a very simple manière, hey, do you have a telegram account, I'd really like to say you something in private :))

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Honestly, I don't like social networks or similar. They confuse me, because I need my own time to think.
I'm old-style...

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In forum, where?

Oh, okay, I understand, also me, I don't use them frequently, It's more the question to chat friends in a ≈ secure manier.

Excuse me, I don't really want to talk about this cause I respect other people's confidentiality and I understand him, a noob entered with some "stupid" questions that ennoys sometimes, like it's not the prettiest thing.

You should consider that Garuda is based on Arch.
Arch people (and a few other distros) expect that you do your best to self-learn and show a clear effort to have tried to solve your problems by yourself.
When it seems someone is not helping you, he is just trying to make you more knowledgeable and independent. It is really for you own long term benefit.
And remember that we are all volunteer here, offering our time for free. So it could also have been a bad moment or day...


Then why do you mention it?
I have not found anything like that here. Best you edit this post with the accusation.

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Yeah, I understand that Linux is made more to learn about OS distributives and things and that's why I choosed to install it, I'm really interested of this but how can someone make a fire camp without the knowledge of "leafs burn"?))

Okay, so, all works very and very good now as I can see so, THAK YOU, AND THANK YOU A LOOOT :))) you really helped me))

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You're welcome.
But I would really really appreciate if you could edit and remove the accusations to the team member or forum helper you were referring to :wink:


That's why you would research and learn instead of burdening others with your pitiful pleas. Sheesh!

Yeah, thanks

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