After updating system most KDE configs including keyboard shortcuts got reset

After updating the system most KDE configs including keyboard shortcuts got reset.
All my virtual desktops are getting reset automatically after every restart.
Broadband speeds (connected via ethernet) have slowed down for some reason.

Altogether system is behaving differently, more buggy.

I was wondering if this is due to the new KDE plasma update and has happened to other ppl?

Or does my system has malware or something?


Guest user?
Live ISO?


Which websites you visit?

No my main account..

for example, i have created custom shortcuts for multi-tasking, opening the calculator, and many more.. all of that got reset.. even some garuda-specific keyboard shortcuts like "meta" key to open application launcher got reset and now it doesn't work..

Some shady sites.... :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh, me too, KDE feature, KDE have no bugs :wink:


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