After python update is virtualenv a good way to implement a Alternative downgrade for python that programs that do not like the updated version

Has anyone had issues with using virtualenv as most add on with blender do not now work with the latest python update :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Are these addons searching for python 3.9 libraries, by any chance? I decided to let 3.10 be the default and install the python39 package alongside it, as a fallback mechanism for situations like this one. However, if I understood correctly, this was not considered a great idea by other forum members, who I presume to be more knowledgable on the subject. See also: [Intervention potentially required] Python 3.10 and you - #48 by adRn

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you are correct they are! and your way will work
So what would be considered the best way to solve this ?

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