After install it does not start up

the only thing it says is
[FAILED] Failed to start Samba NMB Daemon
i had this also yesterday, i went back to a snapshot and downloaded nothing after that. and it still happened

You could post the output of systemctl status nmbd.service and inxi -Fxxxza as text, to help members diagnose your problem(s).

Can you try ALT-F5 to get a tty console?

i wont get a console if i press Alt-F5. or do i need to be in a specific place for that. rn im in that menu with the following things.
Advanced options for garuda
windows boot managewr
garuda linux snapshots
firmware setup

in the Grub commandline i get: cant find command 'systemctl, and , 'inxi'

Use Ctrl + Alt + F3

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You could maybe try with the last "garuda linux snapshot".
If you can get in and you don't get the error, you can take the snapshot and that's it.
Or at leasst you could be able to enter those commands and we'll continute troubleshooting...

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