Advice to devs for Gamer edition (mouse accel, 2nd HDD)

Hello. There are two things that I believe should be on by default in Garuda, as they would greatly benefit new users of the distribution.
First of all, most if not all gamers these days prefer to have mouse acceleration off / flat, as muscle memory is important in PC games. The only other distribution I can think of that has done this is Linux Mint, but I think Garuda is a perfect example where it would make perfect sense (at least Gamer Edition) it isn't the most obvious thing for newcomers, they will wonder why their aim is off. At least it is easy to disable via Plasma, as some desktop environments (xfce) you can't even disable it fully without tinkering.
A second thing, many commercial gaming PCs sold these days come with two hard drives, and SSD for the operating system and a second HDD for the game files. I always have to go out of my way to fstab my second one to get Steam to recognize my library upon reboot. And this is not very easy in my opinion, especially for newcomers, unless you download gnome disks.
These 2 things alone in my opinion would make Garuda even more appealing to new users.

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Thanks first of all for the hint.

Now you have to consider for the effort is greater, for the player or the developer.

BTW, since when do beginners have muscle memory in their hands?


You missed the discussion. Garuda likes to forego individual suggestions for improvement in favor of the practicing user.
Nonetheless, your contribution is not unimportant.


It's just not that easy to implement "thousands" of improvement suggestions with a small team.

We get ready-made bugs or improvement suggestions in gitlab, even these ready-made ones need time for a check.

In one year it looks maybe already completely different :slight_smile: , if more coding gurus support us.


Das verstehe ich. Nichts ist statisch. Alles ist im Wandel.


The Calamares Installer has certain limitations at this point, but it is a PITI, I agree. I'm in the same boat, but it's only a minor annoyance.

I tend to use BTRFS on my HDD, but only when running Garuda on the 128 GB SSD. Otherwise Ext4 is so much easier for this old dog. What file format are you using?

If you want a major--major--annoyance, try setting up a proper snapshotting BTRFS system by hand. I've done it--once--and you couldn't pay me to do it again. What @dr460nf1r3 & Company have done with Garuda was a 1st in the world of Arch installers.



This is something that should be installed by default, in my opinion. Since I started using KDE I wanted to get rid of it, but still battle within myself — uninstall it, again install it back,... It makes thing easy that no other alternative app I know does.


Yea, first thing I install if it's not installed only gnome app that I like

It is a handy-dandy utility.

Me, too. I wonder how many other KDE users do so, as well. OTOH, isn't it fun installing stuff? :smiley:

I'll bet you'd be surprised--and maybe surprised what other GTK stuff you may already have installed. Pamac-AUR? Guess what. :wink:

I got nothing against GNOME or Gnomes, other than they're short, squat, and remind me of @mandog.


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