Advice per security vs speed of flutter sdk as snap vs source?

unsure of risks/benefits of snap vs manual install of flutter sdk for development. anyone have any advice per this? thanks in advance.
i understand snaps will slow the system, run slower and are frowned on by arch and garuda....
however, i see that a snap w apparmor will 'sandbox' an app and i wont have to install super old 32bit C libs. FYI, google flutter docs only show ubuntu and fedora 32bit libs cmd but this is the cmd for arch which chatGPT kindly gave me:
The equivalent command for the Linux ARCH distribution would be
sudo pacman -S lib32-glibc lib32-ncurses lib32-gcc-libs lib32-zlib lib32-bzip2

should i just go w snap for this one use case or stay snap-free and do all the manual steps ?

There is no absolute answer to your question. It depends what you care about and what you don't.

I won't use snaps for any reason because of the non-optional telemetry that Canonical is collecting around snaps.

As far as apparmor goes, that would also require you to configure a working apparmor environment.

In the end, it is up to you what you prefer.


going to have to try the snap way. tried manual way and had issues launching a virtual device.

tried the flutter install in AUR and seemed to go ok but launching the default pixel 3a AVD android virtual device failed to launch.
WARN - Emulator: Pixel 3a API 33 - cannot add library $HOME/Android/Sdk/emulator/qemu/linux-x86_64/lib64/vulkan/ failed

found a folder w that file, in another folder path , and symlinked the folder to where that was expected...
ln -s $HOME/Android/Sdk/emulator/lib64 $HOME/Android/Sdk/emulator/qemu/linux-x86_64/lib64

just gave me a diff error i have no idea how to solve
WARN - #com.intellij.ui.jcef.JBCefApp - JCEF runtime library is not a JBR module (Use JBR bundled with the IDE)
maybe bc i didnt install chrome...but i dont want to pollute my system with chrome. sigh
the slight telemetry to canonical seems less bad than running chrome browser haha no?

could there be a way around installing chrome, like chromium?
flutter doctor diagnotstic tool says:
[✗] Chrome - develop for the web (Cannot find Chrome executable at google-chrome)
! Cannot find Chrome. Try setting CHROME_EXECUTABLE to a Chrome executable.

i don't think chrome will be an issue as don't have chorme on my M$ win laptop but flutter works perfectly fine, (i do have chromium based browsers but flutter doctor still shows X and ! for chrome)

i would like to know does flutter is working now on your machine as i have to install it on garuda linux.

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