Adventures in repartitioning!

so i went and cleared one ssd and a 50% partition of another with the intent of switching them to btrfs so they will run better in Garuda and as a part of the 'ditch windoze forever' migration process, and wow was it ever interesting and a bit frustrating too.

i had to transliterate your asian-esque linux technobabble into a method of navigating the KDE partition manager interface so i could properly mount them after reassigning the tables post-reformat.

took me a couple hours or so because i was getting interrupted by real life every 15-20 freaking minutes, which was the frustrating part - having my train of thought objectively derailed on a regular basis will send me into a rage fit >.>

puppy needs food, puppy needs walk, landlord showing up to finally get some work done in the junkie upstairs' apartment since the dumb f**k won't let anyone in to do it otherwise and they need me to run downstairs to turn off, then back on, the water supply etc etc.

anyways, once i figured out wtf i was looking at it was a rather painless experience in of itself.
the trick for me was to figure out what to mount it as, as /home allowed r/w access but caused a duplication of username folders and i didn't want that.
i was gonna try some other stuff like editing fstab or mounting as /dev/uuid when i figured to stop and have a look at what the other devices were mounted as - which was /run/media/"username"/"device label" - which was what i did to the newly reformatted drives.
i had to create new volume labels, then open up dolphin as root and create the mount folders in the needed folder location (/run/media/"username") and then assign the mount point via the GUI.
then it was just a matter of taking ownership of the new spaces and i was done like dinner.

you guys have put together an excellent GUI for linux nubs like me, thanks a bunch =-)

the rest is just paying attention to detail, patience and research and not getting distracted every 20 mins. =-P

P.S. i swapped my Garuda install drive to a sata3 socket and it loads noticeably faster than before, which was already about 15% (give or take) faster than win7 on a sata3.

thanks again guys!
the Garuda team is pure epic win! =-D


the GUI you guys put together makes it super easy for a wintard like me to do stuffs.
just takes reading skillz and patience =-)


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