Administrator password not working

I am not able to log in to my administrator garuda account i can only log in to guest account and if i try to write command 'su' in Alacritty and type my password it says authentication failure i am also not able to open kde partition manager.Is this a bug if yes please fix it and tell me how to solve it

Please look here:

and here:

and see if either is the same issue.


does anyone get solution?

Did you read the threads above, or perhaps search the forum for other similar threads? The onus is on you to read, not on us to find and give you a copy-paste command.


I have tried almost all of them but none of them is working

If you have tried everything you can find then the problem is unique to you, and so noone will know the answer.

That means you'll have to provide as much information as possible about how you installed Garuda, and what changes you have made since then, to spot where the difference is.