Adding New SSD To Garuda and setting new Steam Library folder

Hello everyone,
I am new to Garuda and to Linux aswell, i installed Garuda yesterday and i can't manage to setup my new ssd in order to make it accept my steam library.
I used KDE partition in order to Format and mount the SSD and i got to the point where it showed up in the selection menu of steam but still i could not download to it or create folders etc (after that i kinda bricked the system by mounting and unmounting many times Oops)
Is there any article or step by step instruction that i could use to resolve this?
Thank you

Hi there, welcome to the community. Your issue seems like this one.


Thank you for the answer ,but my ssd it brand new and totally empty and unformated. I don't want to move existing files in the ssd, i just want to download some games into the SSD.

Unformatted or formatted?
What does that have to do with Garuda Linux?
Your information is not complete either.


Well sorry for the bad explanation then, i formated the ssd(Ext4) and mounted it, so i managed to make it appear in steam as a possible SteamLibrary drive.
But i could not write anything to it or create a new folder, when choosing to download a game through Steam in the SSD i also got an error. Then i tried to reformat it and unmount/mount and things got worst (it stopped appearing in Steam for example) i restarted the system and never got to the desktop again cause it stuck after start-up where the system initializes (dragon and loading bar). So this is where i left things cause i had to go to work.
So i thought i could find some instruction on how to setup a new SSD for use with Garuda as i thought this would solve my problem. Is that thought correct?

Have at least a quick search in the forum
or wiki

before asking easily answered questions:
spoonfeeding always the same answers is a very annoying task :sleeping:


@JuanPirate if you stucked at splash screen of garuda, most possible is because there are some fault options and the drive cannot be mounted.and you need to disable it. So you need to have access to garuda' s root(/) partition to open the /etc/fstab file and comment out the line which mounts the drive. To do this try to press "e" when you are in grub menu and garuda entry is selected, so you can edit this entry. There in the line which start with "linux" replace the "quiet" with "single". Then the system will boot to single user and there you can enter the root password and edit the fstab with:
# micro /etc/fstab
Comment out the line which mounts the new drive(put a "#" in front of it) and save the file(in micro I think that you can do it hitting ctrl+s). Then exit from micro hitting ctlr+q. Then type "exit" and press "enter" and you should be able to continue booting to desktop.
Also you can use garuda live media to mount root(/) partition and edit the fstab from desktop environment. But still you need to edit the file as root, so probably you will need to use terminal and micro.
I'm very new to garuda so I don't know if there is an easier way as for e.g ubudu had(or still have, I don't know) the "skip mount by hit S", or something similar.

Disk devices are owned by root. To create files on a drive your user must have the necessary permissions set.

You can change ownership of the drive, or create a directory and make that owned by your normal user.


for the newbie:
open dolphin and right click the ssd on the left side list, select properties and on the permissions tab switch the owner to your username.
leave the 'subfolders and contents' box empty since the drive should be anyways.

this should allow you read/write permissions to the new ssd and access to all content you place there.

GUI navigation is hard =-P

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Yes i found out the gui staff after using SGS advice but thanks anyway!! And sorry for the newbie question


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