Adding Kate as External Editor

I am using Bootstrap Studio and there's an internal script editor for Javascript elements (or any custom HTML). But the internal editor is very bare bones. I like Kate though. You can use External Editors (and it normally detects installed editors) but it didn't see Kate. You can browse for an editor if it's now shown there. But where is Kate?

I am new to Linux and after some Google I tried adding /usr/share/applications/org.kde.kate.desktop :x: which did not work.

So for a month I just copied the text to a Kate untitled file, then back in the studio.

But today I had an idea, and I added:

/bin/kate :white_check_mark:

That did it and it works perfectly now, automatically opening the file in Kate and on save the changes are there in Bootstrap Studio.

I made this post to help anyone with this situation in the future. If we're new to Linux, we don't know some simple things like this.

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Kate location: /bin/kate


This can be solved more easily with the which command in a terminal, like:

which kate

This should work for most apps that you might want to locate. Another way to search is to browse through /usr/share/applications, and see what the Exec= contents are. Enjoy...