Adding additional monitors

Just installed onto my main setup
Nvidia 4090 drivers selected during install and I selected x11 at login stage.

How, and Where (I presume Display configuration?) do I go about setting up additional monitors please?

Do I simply just plug them in and wait for them to be detected?


I did the initial install on one monitor. Then after the install was finished and I did all the sytem and mirror updates in the Garuda assitant. I shutdown, plugged in the 2nd monitor and restarted. Garuda automatically set up the second monitor.
E#ven thought its a 4k TV it worked with no effort on my part.
So I say… try it.


Thanks, I will in a bit. ATM I cant get Chrome to install ?

Install Brave Browser.
It tottally pisses off youtube and google.

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sorted it now. May decide later on, but for Now I need my bookmarks

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