Adding a feature of backing up the important data to the cloud

It is a personal choice whether the user want to backup the data to the cloud or not. But I think it woud be great to integrate the feature with the help of opensource tool like rclone as it will be helpful for new users. As Garuda Welcome helps to setup the system in an easy way this feature might also help lot.

Feel free to make a pull request (PR) on our Gitlab when you have a working version of your solution ready.

Generally, backing up their data is considered the users responsibility. Creating a cloud backup solution for users is not a priority for the Garuda developers as far as I'm aware. So I wouldn't hold my breath for this to happen any time soon.


Yeah it is solely the users responsibility. I was just dropping an idea. I am not a programmer and can actually make it. I was setting up backup system using rclone for mine and it was a little bit difficult so I thought about it.

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