Added CPU/core metric on KDE Plasma Dragonized (X11) and it broke my desktop (Can't interact, nothing moves or updates)

Wait… Can’t you guys make a some sort of a guide how to debug the Dragonized KDE ?

I can see that Garuda has made a lot of effort to make stuff work and has done a great job but I don’t want to mess with my distro too much, and I don’t know how to either.

The themeing and the functionality … everything is great! It just happens my dock breaks changing it from floating to not floating.

I think I might stick with default KDE Plasma panels. It looks quite good. Mixing in some Dragonized theme aka leaving the theme Dragonized :smiley:

Just dropping by to express my gratitude to everyone involved with this thread as I just ran into the same issue :sweat_smile:.

If it helps anyone how happened to suffer this bug: I was able to open the Terminal with ctrl-Alt-T, even if the desktop appeared frozen, and edit the file @nepti mentions using nano. Just in case no live media is available.

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