Add other popular desktop environments

I did not find LXDE, Budgie, Pantheon, Unity, UKUI and Deepin DE desktops.

If we support most graphical environments, we will surely be the first choice and the best Linux distribution.

There is nothing good unless you do it.
Feel free, we need more good developers and maintainer.



At least 3 of them are too buggy to ship them. Had them, things didn't work out too well.
AUR Pantheon PKGBUILDs are a mess too, and it would need proper package maintenance.


I found Deepin to be basically a very broken version of Cinnamon.

LXDE seems like a odd choice as well, since pretty much the whole dev team switched over to LXQT a few years ago. I know LXDE still exists, but I think it's mostly a very niche thing for people pinned down by specific hardware.

I think having choices is great, but it's important that all the choices offered are really good. If someone downloads Garuda for the first time and they happen to pick a crappy DE, their opinion is going to be that Garuda sucks--not the DE.


I always find it so cute that these type requests and suggestions seem to (almost) always come from first-time forum posters. I think it speaks of the pride new users must feel when they find something like Garuda that fills all their holes, and they wish only to spread that joy around.

Sure, we can make it an educative moment by explaining that Garuda's developers and maintainers want only to provide the best for its users but gosh, golly, gee whiz, ain't it cool!
It warms the cockles of this jaded, old man. :smiley:

I'm serial!


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