Add font support for language but keep computer in default language

Hello, I am running Garuda linux and I want to have support for the Russian language. I have a few programs that require it. I added Russian to my computer under
regional settings > language
But now my terminal is all in Russian, which is a problem since I don't really speak Russian. And in the menu it shows that American English is my default.
How can I add font support without changing my computer's language?

You might already have support for the font. Did you check?

Как я могу добавить поддержку шрифта без изменения языка моего компьютера?

Additionally, I believe you can add additional languages and fonts with the Setup Assistant.

The terminology you used is wrong, that's why it is a little confusing.
You need locale support. Font support is provided by fonts, which normally have by default with UTF-8.
You need to generate your preferred locales with locale-gen.
If you want to write as well, you need to add new keyboard layout in KDE (or whatever DE you use).

It would help you understand more about how the system works, if you study the installation guide.


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