Add btrfs raid to installer

This would be an easy to add feature since the partitioning commands to do it with btrfs are so simple. Would be a big help to be able to create a btrfs raid of multiple drives during install.

Encryption is another story. Will make a separate thread for that.

Have you checked whether this is supported by Calamares before declaring it's easy to add?


I don't think it is that easy. The problem is that you would need to build an entire UI around it. Think about all the options and different configurations that are possible.


I only meant that the manual procedure is easy. It could be done as a secondary Garuda tool invoked prior to running the installer. There are ways to make quick UIs. Idk what Garuda uses for existing tools but Gooey for Python is, for instance, trivial.

I'm sure a PR will be welcome. :wink:


Here is the code for that part of the UI if you want to take a stab at adding such an interface.

That being said, you are completely underestimating how hard this is. You are only consider the trivial case where you know what you want to do and you do it. A general purpose UI would have to:

  • Handle all the different ways that disks can be combined
  • Have robust error handling to manage all the potential failure cases
  • Manage the different flags/options in the process
  • Handle all the crazy block devices that exist
  • Ensure proper support in the initramfs
  • Probably more stuff I am not thinking about

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