Add another SSD to the system

Hello everyone, I've been dual booting Garuda with windows on 2 seperate SSDs and now I want to purge windows and use both of the SSDs as one. I've read on arch wiki that btrfs allows to do this without needing to do a clean install. But I don't have any idea about how to do this. I've formatted the other SSD with btrfs with mkfs. Thank you for your help.

Maybe :slight_smile:


Do you want to

  1. Make both SSDs appear as a single partition (which is more difficult and more likely to result in data loss with a disk failure), or
  2. Make the additional SSD space available under a specific directory (which tends to be easier and keeps data held on one disk).

gleiche frage wie vorerst benannt

willst du wirklich 2 systeme vermischen also stripping

hast du zu wenig platz auf der einen hdd ????

benutze einfach fstabs
um die platte dauerhaft als speicher zu nutzen

beide systeme zu kreuzen oder so ist für mich eine komische forderung ich sehe darin kein mehrwert

same question as named for now

do you really want to mix 2 systems i.e. stripping

do you have too little space on one hdd ????

just use fstabs
to use the disk permanently as memory

crossing both systems or so is for me a strange request i see no added value in it


I want to use the other SSD as my steam library or my home directory

Thank you everyone, I instead booted into live USB and used genfstab and mounted it in a directory in my home filesystem. just seemed easier, sorry for wasting your time. thanks for all the advice

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