Add an option in Garuda Settings manager -> Kernel to search for a kernel

It's annoying having to search for tkg kernels once in a while to change bmq to pds and just being lost in all the options

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You can search for them in pamac. Just make sure that you install the corresponding kernel headers as well.

yeah I know, but this gui just feels incomplete. Wanted to say what I forget about all the time

I second this. It would be very handy if, say, your architecture was auto-detected and relevant kernels were presented as possible kernel options, to make it easier to swap between kernels. Though obviously that requires Chaotic-AUR to have those kernels compiled first and that's still an ongoing process.

The Zen kernel, after all, is used more because it's more compatible than the other options - the TKG kernels, when compiled for specific architectures, often have superior performance in games, and making those kernels known as possible options would be handy for a user that is new to the idea of using custom kernels.

Would be handy for a user?

With lot of effort the developer :smiley:

Those who want to have other kernels should try themselves.

But I don't want to stop you from programming it @Helmic

Just my 0.02 $ :slight_smile: