Acer Nitro 5- Garuda Black screen- Cannot get past grub menu

Hello guys,
I have been trying to install Garuda Cinnamon on my gaming laptop, it is an Acer Nitro 5, model AN515-54, some specifications on my profile. When I get into the Garuda boot menu, no matter what option I select “Open source drivers” or “Proprietary Nvidia drivers” it goes to a black screen that doesn’t change or do anything, no matter what inputs I put into it. I know it is an issue with my computer because the bootable USB works fine on my Dell laptop and I could complete a full install on both it and a VM, however I am hoping to put it onto my Acer because the Acer is my gaming machine, while the Dell is mostly used for work. How could I remedy this issue? Thanks in advance.

Did you follow the installation guide in the Garuda wiki?
No fast boot, secure boot in BIOS?


Yes I did. I’ll double check fast boot but I think I had fast boot off too.
Thank you

Double checked, secure boot and Fast boot turned off. Still getting the black screen.

The Sata controller was not in AHCI, DOH!
Thank you agaian

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