Accidentally removed autostart for two files

While trying to fix the issue of kde plasma desktop turning into a hybrid mismatch with dragonized desktop upon startup, I decided to remove a file, and then another.

The second one I removed fixed the issue, but now my desktop no longer works properly.

Can someone please check their autostart and give me the location of those two files so I can add them back? Thanks alot haha.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just use last working snapshot.

Or check /etc/skel files (hidden)

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I kid you not, I restored it two different snapshots and it returned to a state that has never existed before.

The login screen was from "sweet" and the theme was kde plasma that i ended up.

No errors occured but the problem of those missing autostart files are still there....

I literally have 0 idea what to do, I don't want to reinstall

Would have been nice if that had been in the first post.
Can you please submit your garuda-inxi.
Did you check in /etc/skel if the files are there, for copy and paste to your home folder?
Did you try garuda-assistant to restore?


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