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Hello guys, i love this os but i need help to set something up.

When an app is maximized the control buttons go in the top bar, that's good for screen real estate.

The problem is that is i have a non maximized window in the front, the only way to close the window below it is to click on it to make the control buttons re-appear.

Making them always appear binds them to current active window and that makes sense.

Is there a way for these buttons to always be available for the most "front" maximized app instead of the active one while keeping the title and appmenu widgets remain on the active one?

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Your question, very legitimate, will be reformulated when Plasma 5.27 comes out in less than a month. :slight_smile:

Because the default Window Buttons applet used by Garuda is now unmaintained and will not be reused in the next ISO release very soon. It will also break in Plasma 5.27, as far as we know, everything you see here is now unmaintained: psifidotos (Michail Vourlakos) · GitHub

Therefore this means there will be no applet by default in Garuda to control maximized window buttons in or out of the top panel, which means it will default to Plasma default behavior.

From there if that behavior is not what you look for, there is one other applet I am aware of that should continue to work in Plasma 5.27: Active Window Control

In the meantime if you remove Window Buttons applet, you will experience default Plasma behavior and maybe that's what you are looking for?

I hope I did understand properly your question.



Yep, it makes sense, thanks for replying.

Have a nice day

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